Happy Clients, Art, Portfolio, and Digital Resume!

This portfolio is always changing, as a resume grows as my clients receive the “go live” version of their sites, designs, etc.  I am always looking for the next thing to add, so if you would like to be featured, and/or I’m not working with you yet, contact me.  I love working with new and tried and true clients.

This portfolio is very diverse as it shows not only the digital side of what I do, but in some instances (sketches as an example) you can see the artistic side!  I love doing portraits, and since the “invention” of the iPad, I can now sketch anytime I want to, without having to lug around a ton of equipment in order to do so.

Thanks so much for stopping by, and if you think of anything that you believe would go well here…give me a jingle.

On a side note, work that I do for my organization clients as a contractor will never appear here.  Work done like that will always be the clients’ ownership.  My personal clients can also be completely private and not appear here if they do not want to.  Any work that I do is the full ownership of those who hire me!