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Skye has been my mentor, my guide, my designer, and my friend, have lost count of the years. A joy to work with and have in my life.

Mary Phelps / Horses DailyBoss Mare
Mary Phelps is uniquely qualified to guide you in selecting the right insurance coverage for your farm, business and horses. A lifelong equestrian, equine photographer and journalist, founder and COO of, Mary has travelled the world of equestrian sport for over 35 years. She is also a competitor at the Intermediate level in Combined Driving, and a farm owner in Kentucky. “I know first hand the day to day highs and lows of what it takes to do all that we do as horsemen, competitors, and property owners,” adds Phelps. “Most of the people on our Markel team are too, and that is an important part of how we stand out when it comes to getting the protection and service you need.”

Need / Problem / Conundrum

Mary Phelps has been in the business for over 35 years.  Originally her website was built using HTML only (before there was any such thing like a CMS to help you.)  She taught herself how to make the updates to the pages, and created a database of her photographs.  She was definitely a leader not only in equestrian news and photography, but also in creating websites to allow people to “live” alongside the passions that they were not able to have access to earlier.

In this day and age there are many different ways to get the information – most notably on the internet, but even with these different ways, Mary is still a leader in the field.  She has updated her site, and the systems that go with it multiple times to insure that she is the best person to gain information in the equestrian industry.

Solution / Final Thoughts

I met Mary 13 or 14 years ago, a recommendation from another client of mine to both of us.  At that time Mary’s site was still HTML only.  We created several different iterations in both joomla, and then in wordpress, each time her site grew larger and larger.  I came up with an idea of setting her site up with all the different equestrian disciplines as “sub sites”.  Making a central database for all the content, then pushing it out to the correct locations, either subdomains, or subsections on a specific site.

The idea was much too large for a wordpress or joomla site.  Mary did some research and has since moved to Drupal, and after a couple of iterations is working with a great team in Kentucky.

While I don’t work on Drupal sites :), I am still involved in the design elements, as well as doing her print work now.

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