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Skye was instrumental in helping us decide on the design and content of our website. Her input and suggestions were invaluable. I had dreaded this project for years because I’m not creative. But Skye made it easy and we’ve received so many wonderful compliments on her work! You [Skye] have my “Thumbs Up”!

Sandy Burkett Partner – BBA/MST/CPA February 10, 2018

Burkett & Beattie
Burkett & BeattieAccounting
Burkett & Beattie, Inc. is a CPA firm with seven professional staff members. The practice is a full-service accounting and tax company that has a concentration in small, growing businesses in a variety of industries plus an expansive individual tax consultation arm. The firm also performs forensic audits and assists attorneys as an expert witness.

Need / Problem / Conundrum

Burkett & Beattie have been in business doing local and referral only business for years. The website that they had literally was one page that listed the names (linked to emails) of the people on their team, a logo and a brief statement.  Sandy wanted to have a "real" website that showcased them in a modern way.

While doing this, they also needed to have their logo rebuilt from a low resolution gif into something that could be used for print (as well as on the web).

Solution / Final Thoughts

WordPress, and colors that initially matched their logo were used.  We did end up toning down and changing the original logo a bit to better reflect where they are now, and ended up with a professional and engaging site.  The B&B team worked hard to come up with content that displayed their expertise.

Color Palette

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