I have some great clients, and they have been amazing enough to say some pretty incredible things about me and the work we do together.  I like to call this “Awesome Sauce” – so you can read below the sweet words they have written.

You can also see most of this information under the portfolio, where the review is also associated with any of the active portfolio items if they have agreed to be in there!

Mary Phelps, Horses Daily, Dressage Daily, Markel Insurance

Skye has been my mentor, my guide, my designer, and my friend, have lost count of the years. A joy to work with and have in my life.

High Desert Aerial, Vision Launch, The Desert Sky Ranch

Over the years I have worked with Skye on multiple projects. On our latest development I required a website that would serve as a digital brochure that would relay to clients how our services worked and what the product would look like. Even after that was accomplished, Skye took it one step further and we are currently getting ready to use the site as an ECommerce site that our clients can actually interact with to receive their product as well. But that's Skye, always looking to maximize the potential of the platform while giving her clients the best way to serve their customers. The relationship is always ongoing, and Skye continues to work on how her clients can be best served.

Animal Nutrition Solutions

Thinking back to the beginning, when I first needed a website, I realized very quickly that I had neither the time, patience, or inclination to build one on my own.  Skye's mastery and knowledge was what I needed, to help guide me. Not only does she build your website, she also builds a relationship with her clients and intuitively knows what they need and want, often before the client knows it him/herself. In essence: she makes my life easier and allows me to spend valuable time with my own clients, instead of dealing with the frustration that comes with website construction and maintenance.  Isn't that what every business owner wants?

Burkett & Beattie

Skye was instrumental in helping us decide on the design and content of our website. Her input and suggestions were invaluable. I had dreaded this project for years because I’m not creative. But Skye made it easy and we’ve received so many wonderful compliments on her work! You [Skye] have my “Thumbs Up”!

Upcari and GB Sisters Designs

There are many people who have great ideas for business, do great setting up processes and creating great products. That's us. But all of that is no longer enough. A web site is now a necessity, and beyond that understanding SEO and so much more is not optional, it's essential. Skye is the answer. Not only does she do an amazing job designing websites, she also understands what is needed to make them successful, does it exceptionally well and is willing to teach us to do it also.This is good old-fashioned customer service at it's best.

Duncan-Iles Foundation, Inc.

We believe the Duncan-Iles Foundation, Inc. Website is a professional creative looking and friendly operative website.  The Duncan-Iles Foundation, Inc. Website founding and the on-going maintenance has been a diligent successful work with me (Walt) and Gail Bremner.  Skye (SO Services) has been very helpful with hosting services, malware attacks and website upgrades. Further, the SO Services annual hosting cost has been reasonable too.

Tales of the American Football League

In the span of just a week, Skye O'Dell completely redesigned my website, constructed beautiful graphics, built dozens of new pages, and had everything working together seamlessly.  I went from having a decent website about football history to having the most stunning AFL site on the net in a matter of days.  Skye O'Dell is my web designer now, and forever.

Capital Arborists

Skye is a wealth of knowledge and creativity, and has been an integral part of helping us build our website and online presence. We highly recommend her as a trusted resource to help you grow your business!

Girls of Faith Dolls

Skye has been great to work with! Not only did she create a beautiful site for our company, she is also quick and efficient every time we need to add a new product or modify anything on our site.

Highly skilled manager

Skye was a highly skilled manager at MKSI. I was one of her direct reports. She not only has a strong technical background and understanding of processes and procedures, but she also has a real gifting with people. She cares about the work being done, but also about the people who are doing the work. Skye is a very conscientious worker who always goes that extra mile to do more than what is asked of her. I highly recommend her as a designer and manager.

Stays within budgets and time frames

It is difficult to pick only three from the above list when describing Skye's work style and performance. She is very self-driven to get things done well and on time, and is consistent about meeting deadlines, knowing the process constantly requires feedback and input from others who may or may not have the same sense of urgency. She is always very clear about why she does things a particular way, staying within budgets and time frames. She leaves the final decision up to the client, but will make other recommendations if she feels it serves the client better in the long run.

Big Picture

Skye is accurate, quick, and tenacious. She has a "learning" and inquisitive spirit that is the basis for ongoing growth. Not only does she gain knowledge for herself, but she loves to share what she learns. In addition, she is extremely good at seeing the big picture and documenting processes that help on a daily basis and safeguard our interests in the long term.

One Woman Show

Skye is a detail-oriented manager who watches the balance sheet like a hawk without losing sight of the strategic objective. OK, so that part above was actually already there, but it WORKS! Skye was a great manager who was always on top of every project we had going on. Even if she wasn't directly managing a project, you could count on her for answers. Her technical expertise got me out of MANY jams. If she didn't know about something (which was rare), you could almost guarantee she'd learn about it very quickly and get you an answer PRONTO. At the root of all this is her amazing creativity. She is one of the few that have successfully combined the technical and the artistic in such a way that she's a one-woman-show when it comes to delivering a "final package".

Push the Envelope

While working with Skye on any design work for the web based application that was being developed, she always came up with ideas that would both look good and push the envelope looking towards the future.

Great Artist

Skye is a great artist, with phenomenal skill in both traditional media, and computer based art. Not only that, but she knows her way around HTML quite well also.

Truly a Delight to Work With

Skye is an amazing talent that bridges both the technical and graphics arts worlds. She ventures were most people are unable - combining web applications and technology with true artistic expression. Truly a delight to work with!!!!

Highly Recommended

Skye created a custom company website for us from the ground up. She is exceptionally talented and creative. Before we hired Skye we interviewed many other web designers. Her selection to design and manage our site was definitely the right choice. Highly Recommended.

Finest Work Ethic

Skye has not only the finest work ethic but also the most collegial personality. She is professional to a fault in delivering what she promises and a delight to team up with on projects, in particular those with tight time-frames. Skye's flexibility and exceptional problem-solving ability enables results that fit the objectives while finding less-cost alternatives. In the industry, this can be a rare combination to find. She will work extremely hard to find solutions that fit requirements. I would give Skye my highest recommendation, having collaborated on multiple projects with her.

Responsible for next level

We have worked successfully with Skye O'Dell . . . responsible for bringing our internet properties to the next level.

Amazing Manager

Skye is an amazing manager who multi-tasks well. She is a website guru as well as someone who gets the job done. She pulls in customers who love her work and working with her.