Project Description

My Amazing Client

SO Services: iDEntiSIGNs design
Identi-SignsJaden Young
Jaden is just starting out in a great place with printing large format graphics. I worked with him on his logo, and now we are currently working on his website.

Right now you’ll see the logo, but there isn’t much up on the site as of yet!

Need / Problem / Conundrum

Jaden wanted a logo that would stand out, but he really wanted to use a black background as well. I played with the name for a bit, and then I do believe we struck gold!

Solution / Final Thoughts

The best part of this logo is the fact that it says DESIGN in the middle of the name/domain.  By pulling out the word, we have created a great design (yes, yes, I know, WAY too much Skye).

From that we also created the icon that goes with it.  The icon goes on to say “I Design”.

Color Palette

Hover over the colors to see Hex value


Fonts Used

  • Antic Slab
  • PTSans