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Gallant Entertainment Inc.Custom Musical Performance Company
GALLANT ENTERTAINMENT INC. (GEI) is the leading entertainment company positioned to create a custom musical performance for any event.

Offering compelling entertainment with a contemporary twist, every GEI event is produced, designed, and choreographed by some of the most respected names in the entertainment field and brought to life by the best performers in the business.

Need / Problem / Conundrum

Once in awhile I get the client that knows EXACTLY what they want, and just lack the programming skills to accomplish their goal.  Gallant Entertainment Inc was like that.  They are a very design heavy and creative group that just needed the website built to their specifications.

Solution / Final Thoughts

Gallant Entertainment Inc. was more than willing to do all updates themselves, and once we settled on the fact that they wanted vibrant, active and always changing as their theme, the rest fell into place.  WordPress allows them to do all their own updates, but on top of that we created the ability to manage all their musicians, have a membership only area for content, and submittal area for getting new musicians into their corps.

This is a very visual site that gets an amazing amount of traffic.

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