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A.C. Grace
A.C. GraceHealth Supplements
Our mission is to consistently provide our customers with products that show promising benefits to the body when taken correctly, in the correct dosage, and for the right reasons.

Who We Are

The A.C. Grace Company was founded in 1962 by Roy Erickson, who after experiencing cardiovascular health challenges, devised an all natural form of Vitamin E to help himself feel his best. Roy experienced significant whole health effects from this superior product, and this led to selling it to friends and then health professionals and the vitamin/supplement retail industry.*

Need / Problem / Conundrum

A.C. Grace setup a BigCommerce store originally, a few years back, but the percentage of sales being taken off of the top.  Additionally they wanted the ability to expand with different “store fronts” for different types of sales.  For instance one for retail customers, and one specifically setup for MDs.

Solution / Final Thoughts

We decided to move to WordPress, with the ability to setup Multisites that would allow the division in front end ECommerce solutions.  WordPress also allows them to enhance their search engine optimization and eases the creation of blog entries.

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