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The A.C. Grace Company was founded in 1962 by Roy Erickson, who after experiencing cardiovascular health challenges, devised an all natural form of Vitamin E to help himself feel his best. Roy experienced significant whole health effects from this superior product, and this led to selling it to friends and then health professionals and the vitamin/supplement retail industry.*

Roy lived until he was 93 years old and ran the company until his death in 2002. The company, located in Big Sandy, Texas and managed by the next generation of family, continues to manufacture and provide exactly the same product Roy invented many years ago under the name UNIQUE E®. We believe our product is the one of the highest, if not the highest, quality Vitamin E supplements on the market. Our product is the natural form of Vitamin E, not the synthetic form found in many stores today. Our product contains no additives or fillers. It is extracted from soybeans, but it contains no soy oil. It is simply a pure Vitamin E product.

Need / Problem / Conundrum

ACGrace has been a leader in the Vitamin E industry for years.  They needed a site that would allow them to not only showcase their products but also allow ease of updating, and marketing directly from the site.

Solution / Final Thoughts

Because of the global sales that are generated from the site, ACGrace needed a site that could handle the shipping needs across the globe.  There was also a need for intense coupon and discount management.  We decided to use BigCommerce as the platform.

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